[MEI-L] [OT] LilyPond @ GSoC 2017

Urs Liska ul at openlilylib.org
Mon Feb 27 23:57:37 CET 2017

Dear MEI community,

this is somewhat off-topic, but I'd say not *completely*, and I can
imagine there are some people on this list that are interested in it and
can especially forward it to circles that would otherwise not be reached.

I'm happy to announce that both LilyPond (as part of GNU) and the
LilyPond IDE Frescobaldi (http://frescobaldi.org) have been accepted as
mentoring organizations for Google Summer of Code 2017 :-)

This means we have the chance to get up to four (realistically) students
to work on improving LilyPond and Frescobaldi full-time over the summer
for three months.

The project ideas for LilyPond can be found at
http://lilypond.org/google-summer-of-code.html, those for Frescobaldi at

If you are a full-time enrolled student and think you could apply for
such a project please go ahead. Full information about the program,
including the program rules can be found at

If you don't think you want to apply for whatever reason please think
about where you can spread this information so it gets to the inbox of
potential students.

Best regards

ul at openlilylib.org

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