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Da capo, dal segno, and such can be handled using the same technique described before; that is, with <expansion>.

In your example, I count only 3 repeated sections, so I'm a little confused.  I take it that you're saying the "bridge" (the section that begins in A major) should be repeated too. But, that section follows the "Fine." direction.  This is the heart of the matter, though, isn't it?  Which sections should be repeated in performance versus those that are indicated as repeated in the score.

In any case, here's an encoding of the relevant portion --

  <scoreDef meter.count="3" meter.unit="4">
    <staffGrp symbol="brace" barthru="true">
      <staffDef n="1" lines="5"/>
      <staffDef n="2" lines="5"/>
    <expansion label="Ashkenazy (1981)" plist="A A B B C D D A"/>
    <expansion label="Francois (1956)" plist="A B C D A"/>
    <section xml:id="A">
      <measure n="0"/>
      <measure xml:id="m1" n="1" left="rptstart"/>
      <!-- measures 2 - 15 -->
      <measure n="16a" right="rptboth">
        <dir tstamp="1" staff="2" place="above">Fine.</dir>
    <section xml:id="B">
      <measure n="16b"/>
      <!-- measures 17 - 31 -->
    <ending n="1" xml:id="Ending1">
      <measure n="32" right="rptend"/>
    <ending n="2" xml:id="Ending2">
      <measure n="33" right="dbl" />
    <section xml:id="C">
      <!-- measures 34-41 -->
    <section xml:id="D">
      <!-- measures 42- 56 -->
    <ending n="1">
      <measure n="57" right="rptend"/>
    <ending n="2">
      <measure n="58" right="end">
        <dir tstamp="1" place="below" staff="2">D.C. al Fine</dir>

<expansion> can be repeated in order to provide differing interpretations of the repeated sections.

I'll let Raffaele speak about how he intends to handle such situations as the one you describe. (I think you meant to say, "how to access measures in the *performance* which is coordinated with the score".)  I believe, however, that since a <measure> can only be associated with one <when> element (using measure/@when), the starting point of the association in this case is the <when> element.  For example, in the upcoming MEI revision one can use --

    <when data="#m1"/>
    <when data="#m1"/>
    <when data="#m1"/>

Each of the different times at which measure 1 occurs points to the measure identified as "m1".


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Also it would be good to discuss how to deal with da capo sort of repeats, and how to deal with da capo with an implicit "senza ripetizioni".

A somewhat extreme case occurs in Chopin's mazurka Op. 7 No. 2 in A minor:
(pages 3 & 4)

Different pianists will play the four printed sections of this piece in various ways (score says to do AABBCDDA):


 And Raffaele can discuss/think how to access measures in the score which is coordinated with the score.  Such as if I wanted to start the performance of the score at the start of the last repetition of the A section which is at measure 1 in the score, but typically the third performance of measure 1 in a recording...


On 15 June 2015 at 12:28, Tristano Tenaglia <tristano.tenaglia at mail.mcgill.ca<mailto:tristano.tenaglia at mail.mcgill.ca>> wrote:
Dear MEI Community,

I am wondering how repeats would be encoded in MEI. From the examples that I have seen so far, @left and @right attributes inside of measure elements can be given "rptstart" or "rptend" values and programs such as Verovio will interpret them accordingly. However let's say we have multiple endings with multiple bars or a multiple bar ending that needs to be repeated several times, then I am having trouble finding some examples.

I have included some sample photos to give you an idea of what I am looking for.

Would anyone be able to explain or send me some sample encoding of these cases?

Tristano Tenaglia

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