[MEI-L] slur and @curvedir

Laurent Pugin laurent at music.mcgill.ca
Sun Feb 1 14:27:16 CET 2015

Hi Benni,

Have you looked at @bulge? There is an example in the guidelines:

I would have expected the values to be -2 1 for the given example, so I am
not sure I understand it correctly.


On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 2:13 PM, Benjamin Wolff Bohl <bohl at edirom.de> wrote:

> Dear MEI-L,
> Freschütz has a question concerning encoding mixed direction slurs.
> [image: bildschirmfoto 2015-01-30 um 14 05 39]
> <https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/2430401/5976008/319371e8-a889-11e4-9a4c-7fe5cc246dfe.png>
> In case the picture doesn't come through, please see:
> https://github.com/Freischuetz-Digital/proofMEIdata/issues/25
> This slur may not be properly encoded in MEI using @curvedir that only
> allows 'above' or 'below' as values. Nevertheless, using @bezier
> <https://github.com/bezier> is much more verbose than needed…
> Maybe a value like 'mixed' / 'above-below' / 'below-above' / 'changing' /
> 'alternating' would be applicable? Of course the schema would have to be
> modified to allow this. Are there any comparable values in other parts of
> the schema?
> This is no "special", rather quite often in printed music from the 19th
> century.
> All the best,
> Benjamin
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