[MEI-L] slur and @curvedir

Benjamin Wolff Bohl bohl at edirom.de
Fri Jan 30 14:13:40 CET 2015

Dear MEI-L,

Freschütz has a question concerning encoding mixed direction slurs.

In case the picture doesn't come through, please see: https://github.com/Freischuetz-Digital/proofMEIdata/issues/25

This slur may not be properly encoded in MEI using @curvedir that only allows 'above' or 'below' as values. Nevertheless, using @bezier is much more verbose than needed…

Maybe a value like 'mixed' / 'above-below' / 'below-above' / 'changing' / 'alternating' would be applicable? Of course the schema would have to be modified to allow this. Are there any comparable values in other parts of the schema?

This is no "special", rather quite often in printed music from the 19th century.

All the best,
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