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Hi Laurent,

The outermost staffGrp functions as a kind of "root element" for the set of staffGrp definitions.  Only it, not the inner ones, should have the @symbol="line" attribute -- this controls whether the score has a line at the left edge of the staves or not.  The "inner" staffGrp elements then use @symbol to indicate how the group's staves are connected.

With this in mind, *without the outer group, as in the Ahle example, no line should be drawn.*  There appears, ahem, to be a coding error in the MEI file.  :-)  It's a mistake repeated in nearly all the examples for solo keyboard and maybe (I have checked thoroughly) in those for solo voice and keyboard accompaniment.

I think there's no easy way to prevent this error, since staffGrp is used for both the outer container and the contained groups.  A simple thing that might help would be to create a schematron rule that restricts @symbol="line" to the outer group only.  This way, if one were concerned about the connecting line, the only way to get it would be to properly nest the staffGrp elements.

Does this help?



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Hi Laurent,

If you have an inner group with @symbol=line and an outer one with @symbol=brace it’s pretty unambiguous. Are you thinking braceWithLine just to eliminate one level of hierarchy?


On Dec 10, 2013, at 8:25 AM, Laurent Pugin <lxpugin at gmail.com<mailto:lxpugin at gmail.com>> wrote:


I have question regarding the @symbol in staffGrp with the value "brace" (or "bracket"). Does it implies a line to be rendered as well or not?

In the examples given in the documentation, most cases with a brace containing all staves, there is usually one single staffGrp (with symbol="brace"), whereas with orchestral score, we usually have one staffGrp with symbol="line" and then sub staffGrps with symbol="brace".



How can we clarify this? Should we allow something like "braceWithLine" as possible value?

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