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Raffaele Viglianti raffaeleviglianti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 21:14:26 CEST 2013

Hi Micah,

The debate around <choice> seems to keep going :) As it is defined now,
<choice> only deals with editorial "clarifications" of some text on a
source, either by correction, regularization, expansion.
This is in line with the TEI use of <choice> and I think it should stay
like this.

Nonetheless, there seems to be a need for a more generic "alternative"
element, and it might be worth talking about this more and perhaps look at
TEI's <alt/> (which, btw, is not widely used as far as I know)

For your case, I'd suggest to more simply make full use of <supplied> and
its attributes.

<staff n="1"/> <!-- existing staff from sources -->
<supplied reason="lost" resp="#analyst1">
    <staff n="2"/>
<supplied reason="lost" resp="#analyst2">
    <staff n="2"/>

This encodes strongly, as it were, that there are two different opinions
because of supplied/@resp. And it encodes weakly that they are exclusive
because of staff/@n. I wish there were a way to encode the exclusivity more
strongly, but I don't think there's a way of doing so without tag abuse at
the moment.

Hope this helps,

On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 2:41 PM, Micah Walter <mwalter at haverford.edu> wrote:

> Hello, folks,
> I have a question about encoding reconstructed parts. The project I'm
> working on contains complete works that are missing entire parts, as two of
> the parts are contained in a second partbook that is now lost.
> Different reconstructions are of course possible, and so I'd like to use
> the <choice> tag. Is the following, then, a reasonable encoding?
> <choice>
>   <orig>
>     <damage/>
>   </orig>
>   <add>
>     <supplied>
>       <!-- one possible reconstruction -->
>     </supplied>
>   </add>
>   <add>
>     <supplied>
>       <!-- another possible reconstruction -->
>     </supplied>
>   </add>
> </choice>
> Thanks,
> Micah Walter
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