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Sorry, I hit the send button too soon.  As I was saying, <abbr> can't occur directly within <layer> and so can't be wrapped around <syllable>.  <abbr> is currently a member of model.editorialLike and that class occurs only in model.textphraseLike, model.textphraseLike.limited, and model.choicePart.  So, it only works for textual abbreviations, not musical ones.

One can object to this on philosophical grounds, but practical considerations make it very difficult to allow <abbr> and its editorial brethren to hold both text and music notation.  That would lead to utter chaos and confusion.  Here be dragons!


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Hi Thomas, 

That sounds like a good case for <abbr> to me. If you wanted, you could then encode the full passage with <expan>.


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Dear MEI family,

for Corpus monodicum, we need to encode situations where a scribe
notates only the beginning and sometimes also the end of a chant
section.  Those are kind of cues and the scribe assumes the singer
knows how to continue.  It's really similar to when only the first
words of a refrain are printed between verses.

I think <gap> is the appropriate thing to use, like:


  <gap reason="cue"/>

  <!-- Sometimes we also have this following the gap: -->

(Yes, Corpus monodicum also transcribes a few love songs.)

Any objections to this structure?  For some reason I don't feel 100%
confident that this is what the <gap> element was made for.


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