[MEI-L] MerMEId 2013

Sigfrid Lundberg slu at kb.dk
Thu Feb 14 10:30:51 CET 2013

Dear everybody,

Danish Center for Music Publishing (DCM - see http://bit.ly/VhDdOP) is preparing of a thematic catalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works (CNW). 

For the purpose we are developing a system for the editing and handling of music metadata, based on the the MEI header. We call our system  MerMEId (Metadata Editor and Repository for MEI Data - see http://bit.ly/12CUmSM). It is built using the XForms language (an MVC based language for editing XML documents) and a native XML database. We use Orbeon Forms toolkit and eXist XML database and XQuery tools, both of which are running in a tomcat servlet container together with some java minor utilities implemented in house. 

We are preparing the release of our latest production release, called MerMEId 2013, as open source.  As a first step we have set up a demo installation where anyone can play around with the system. 

Anyone interested in musical metadata are welcome to http://labs.kb.dk/editor/

Have a nice Valentine day


Sigfrid Lundberg and Axel Teich Geertinger

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