[MEI-L] Cleanup of the MEI-L Mailinglist

Benjamin W. Bohl b.w.bohl at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 17:12:31 CET 2023

Dear MEI-L membership,

With the MEI Board elections coming up, we wanted to inform you of some clean-up plans regarding the mailing list. As the OpaVote election system charges election fees based on the number of electors, we want to minimise the number of unused e-mail addresses entered into the system. Therefore, please be aware that any addresses returning “e-mail address no longer valid” responses to this message will be removed from the mailing list.  Additionally, we would ask you to please take a moment to remove any unused secondary addresses you have registered to MEI-L.

Many thanks for your help,
David M. Weigl and Benjamin W. Bohl
MEI election administrators 2023
by appointment of the MEI Board

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