[MEI-L] TROMPA project has MEI at its core

Tim Crawford T.Crawford at gold.ac.uk
Fri Jun 18 12:53:09 CEST 2021

Dear MEI community,

This is a blatant plug for TROMPA, but also may be a case of ‘preaching to the choir’ as we quaint English say.

You may not all be aware of this, but the 3-year TROMPA EU project (ended 30 April 2021) - which had its final review this Wednesday, 16 June - depended in many crucial aspects on the adoption of MEI at an early stage (after a very brief format-tussle). This was largely due to our successful recruitment of David Weigl, one of the developers of MELD (Music Encoding and Linked Data), which also supports some crucial components of TROMPA.

TROMPA got a resoundingly positive review assessment, I’m glad to say, and we’re intending to find time to write this up soon as some kind of ’Success Story’, which will embed heavy stress on the importance of MEI, and *not just as something for musicologists*.

Meanwhile, however, there will be various TROMPA-related papers and posters at both DLfM and MEC, and some of the MEI-related technology developed or enhanced within TROMPA is already being used within other projects.

All best wishes for MEI and the TROMPA tools! (Now I must get back to thinking about tablature again!)

And finally, Thank You Perry for making this possible!!


Prof. Tim Crawford
Department of Computing
Goldsmiths College
London SE14 6NW

TROMPA UK Principal Investigator



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