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Laurent Pugin lxpugin at gmail.com
Tue May 11 11:39:26 CEST 2021

Dear all,

The latest release of Verovio (3.4) comes with a new reference book
<https://book.verovio.org> that gathers all the documentation for the
project. This book is a collaborative work that we will continuously
improve and adjust when new features are added to Verovio or when
additional documentation appears to be desirable. Some of the sections of
the book are still in preparation.

The book contains:

   - an introduction to Verovio and the history of the project as well as
   an overview on it can be used,
   - some tutorials (still partially in preparation) on how to use it,
   starting at the very basic and ending at advanced topics in notation,
   - some advanced topics with in-depth explanations of Verovio specifics,
   - a toolkit reference with input and output formats as well as
   documentation for all methods and options,
   - some instructions how to install it or how to build it from source,
   - some guidelines for contributing to the project.

This online book is also available as PDF
<https://book.verovio.org/verovio-reference-book.pdf> for users who prefer
to have it in this format.

We welcome feedback and contributions. These can be made directly from the
book through the “Edit page” button that leads to the online GitHub editor
where the code of the page can be edited. The source code of the book and
instructions for more advanced contributions are available here

All the best,

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