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Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Fri Mar 15 10:31:38 CET 2019

Dear all,

Benni and I are currently preparing a work plan for revamping the Guidelines section of the MEI Documentation (https://music-encoding.org/guidelines/v4/content/). The problem is that this Documentation still reflects the state of MEI v3, which in some parts differs significantly from the current model. The differences can be traced here: https://music-encoding.org/archive/comparison-4.0.html, but that doesn't provide a detailed explanation of the differences. For that purpose, we currently only have the release notes, available from https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding/releases/tag/v4.0.0.

It is comprehensible that people are getting confused when reading that documentation, and we would very much like to resolve that situation rather sooner than later. However, it's clear that we can't do this alone, or in a week's time. As a first step, we will introduce a warning at the top of each chapter explaining the situation, and redirecting people to work with the Specs (under Elements etc.) instead. Next, we would like to gather and coordinate a group of people that is willing to help with updating the Guidelines. For this purpose, we plan to have regular open meetings on Slack / Skype / …, on every odd week's Friday (pun intended), where people can jointly work on the documentation, ask questions and so on. This will be hop on / hop off meetings – we're happy about everyone who will be able to join us, and we don't expect formal commitments. Of course, work on the documentation can be done at other times as well, but we'd like to make ourselves available for discussion and so on. Ideally, something like this (maybe with a lower frequency) will be helpful for the continued development of the schema, but this has much lower priority right now.

The first ODD Friday will be 29 March, then 12 April, and every other week from then. We will be available from 2pm German time (Germany switches to summer time on March 31, so I leave it to you to identify what this means for you…). We encourage everyone to join us, even without technical knowledge about MEI – this is about writing comprehensible documentation, where it's always good to have a broad range of expertises. If you're uncertain, please contact Benni and / or me directly, and we will make sure that everything will work for you.

Thanks very much, and all best,
Benni and Johannes

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