[MEI-L] Slurs/ties across repetitions and/or endings

Werner Goebl goebl at mdw.ac.at
Wed Feb 6 14:27:25 CET 2019

Thank you all for the great discussion and specially @Craig for 
clarifying the problem.

On 06.02.19 11:18, Laurent Pugin wrote:
>     By analogy, a hanging tie could look like this:
>           <tie startid="#barline" startid.ges="#note" endid="#othernote>
>     When rendering to notation the @startid would be used.  When
>     rendering to performance (MIDI), the @startid.ges would
>     override @startid in a manner similar to @dur.ges, @dots.ges
>     and @accid.ges.
> I also believe this is the right direction. However, I would 
> replace @startid="#barline" to @tstamp="0.0"

I like this solution with
@tstamp="0.0" @startid.ges="#note-before-ending1" @endid="#"
@startid="#note-before-rptend" @tstamp2="3.0" @endit.ges="#note-at-rptstart"

It would be great, if this could be defined in MEI and eventually 
supported by Verovio.

@Oleksii: the solution with choice/app shows only one of the two slurs 
at a time which is not the intended behavior and meaning.

BTW: I have tried to encode a slur with two time stamps (as they are 
given several times in an example file as part of the sample encodings 
/MEI_4.0/Musical-features/snippets/slur_element.mei, see file attached), 
but they do not get rendered by Verovio (command line, version 
2.1.0-dev-6f8594b). I read that it has been added a while ago: 
https://github.com/rism-ch/verovio/issues/92 and commit 

Could it be that it was lost somewhere?

Best, Werner
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