[MEI-L] RNG_MEI 3.0_Verovio syntax conflicts

Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Mon Sep 4 11:33:58 CEST 2017

> More generally: there is some preliminary work that was done for generating a customisation / schema corresponding to the features supported by Verovio. (Johannes will have some additional information about it.) However, this is quite time consuming to maintain and help would be appreciated. If somebody is willing to finalise and maintain it, please let me know.

The idea behind this is to generate a Schematron file that can be used in addition to other, more project-specific schemata to check whether an MEI instance will be understood and correctly rendered by Verovio. After trying out several other approaches, Laurent and I decided to use a dedicated file where developers of Verovio would have to specify the MEI elements for which they've added functionality. In a first step, this is just a list of element names that gets parsed and compared to the MEI schema, resulting in a Schematron. It gets a little bit more complicated when it comes to attributes, which are sometimes incompletely supported.  Here, developers need to provide more information.
The workflow for getting such a Schematron is ready and available; the problem is that there is a significant backlog of describing the current functionality, and to make sure that new features are reliably added to this file in the future. I'm afraid I am of no help on both problems, but I'm certainly willing to provide a better introduction / more documentation on both the requirements of the file and the workflow itself.

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