[MEI-L] FW: Digital Resources for Musicology, v. 1.1 is released

Eleanor Selfridge-Field esfield at stanford.edu
Fri May 12 02:56:22 CEST 2017

Version 1.1 of Digital Resources for Musicology (DRM) (http://drm.ccarh.org) has been released today.  This segmented listing of open-access tools includes a wide assortment of heterogeneous materials-scanned scores and manuscripts, structured databases, audio and video materials, and widely used humanistic collections-of maps, recordings, images, and much else.

DRM's companion sites, although still under development, are growing more slowly but represent projects of a substantial nature concentrated in two areas:

1.      ADAM: Archive of Digital Applications in Musicology:  pick the brain of projects designed in an earlier time.

2.      EVE: Electronic and Virtual Editions: see the growing list of searchable encoded scores.

Here are some current statistics:

DRM listings: 273
ADAM listings: 10
EVE listings: 22

All three sites welcome contributions.  (Use the Submit button on each masthead.)  To report errors, please use the link at the bottom of the DRM homepage.

Please note that we cannot post listings for commercial endeavors, online bibliographies, or online publications.  Please indicate the appropriate subject heading for your entry.  We cannot list the same entry in more than one location.

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