[MEI-L] Key change encoding in orchestral scores

drizo at dlsi.ua.es drizo at dlsi.ua.es
Thu May 11 15:14:06 CEST 2017

Dear MEI List,

when we encode a staff with staves containing transposing instruments we use (using pseudo-xml):

 <staffDef NO-TRANSPOSING-INSTRUMENT key.mode= "major" key.sig= "4f">
 <staffDef CLARINET-IN-E♭ key.mode= "major" key.sig= "1f" trans.diat= "2" trans.semi= "3">

How should we encode a key change in the middle of the piece? I see that scoreDef may contain @trans.* 
attributes, but as scoreDef is not inside a <staff> element, I don't know how to set the different key 
signatures to a different staves. 

I could encode scoreDef without trans.diat and trans.semi and use the trans.diat defined in staffDef to adapt 
the "sounded key" to the "written key". 


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