[MEI-L] measures with supernumerary beats

Franz Kelnreiter kelnreiter at mozarteum.at
Mon Mar 27 13:16:02 CEST 2017

On 25.03.2017 09:39, Thomas Weber wrote:
> Am 24.03.2017 um 17:21 schrieb Franz Kelnreiter:
>> how to encode [...] measures that [...] a lot more beats than the
>> prevailing meter indicates
>> [...]
>> @metcon is in this case of course /some/ information but to my opinion
>> too little verbose [...]
>> [...] maybe it is also possible to use a convincing term in the
>> otherwise very unspecific @type container.
> I find <annot>s handy for encoding anything that's not covered by
> general MEI.  It's more flexible than @type:
>   * you can only have one @type on an element, but as many <annot>s as
>     you like
>   * <annot> can have @subtype as well,
>   * it can have (structured) content, e.g. if you need to record how
>     many beats a measure actually has - say with <num type="beats">.
> Thomas
Thank you Thomas for your input. I see now some more possibilities than
at the end of last week ;), however, I am not truly satisfied. I hoped
to find some simpler solutions to express cases like these, at
least without having to code additional elements.

I wished MEI had an attribute  like @complete="i|x", the values i|x
denoting incomplete measures or measures with extra/additional beats,
which is not covered by @metcon's true/false values.

At the moment I see the most simplest solution by expressing this
information in the measure's @type/@subtype attributes or find ways
through customization.


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