[MEI-L] Measure 2 of Erlkonig

Roland, Perry D. (pdr4h) pdr4h at eservices.virginia.edu
Thu Mar 16 21:50:20 CET 2017

> It seems the issue is being able to
> set the duration of the <bTrem> (when used for dotted-quarter-note-as-
> triplet) to one beat in the 4/4 measure.

One can set the duration of the tremolo to be a quarter note by using bTrem/@dur --

<bTrem form="meas" num="3" dur="4">
  <chord stem.dir="up" stem.mod="1slash" dur="8" dots="1">
    <note pname="g" oct="3"/>
    <note pname="g" oct="4"/>


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