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Hi Anna,

No, I think <space> is the appropriate markup in this case.  It captures the fact that the 2nd staff is filled with emptiness.  This is the logical approach.  The <dir> is attached to the nothingness just to give it an anchor point.  If the exact placement of the <dir> is required, then its attributes should be used, e.g., @place, @ho, etc.

MEI allows for the capture of both logical and visual information, but the logical should usually be given precedence.  i don't think "reproducing the source" means replicating every detail.  If you want an exact replica of the source, use page images and @facs.


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Hi Perry,

according to your mail yesterday, wouldn’t <pad> here also be more appropriate, because Daniel wants to reproduce the source?
In fact, my example displayed a similar situation. There is a visual padding and a text directive “Tacet” which intends logically time, where that particular voice remains silent while the others are singing. The difference is, that in my example the directive is followed by notes and in Daniel’s it is vice versa.
As it seems to me, we have to decide here whether we want to encode the visual information or the logical. But the question is: which decision fits better to the encoding approach of “representing a source”?

Best wishes,

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Since this is mensural notation, @tstamp won't work.  Instead, use <space> as a placeholder in the 2nd staff and associate the text with the space via @startid --

<staff n="1">
    <!-- notes -->
<staff n="2">
    <space xml:id="space01"/>
  <dir startid="#space01">... Tacet</dir>


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I think <dir place="within"> is the most appropriate element given that the text gives an instruction. You can use @tstamp to position it based on time.


On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 7:08 AM, Daniel Alles <DanielAlles at stud.uni-frankfurt.de<mailto:DanielAlles at stud.uni-frankfurt.de>> wrote:
Dear all,

in my source, there often appears the playing instruction "Tacet" written directly on a staff (see attachment). How can I reproduce that in MEI? I always try to reproduce the source as accurately as possible, but couldn't find a possibility to put this text on the staff. Is that possible at all? <dir> seems not to work, as there are no notes in that staff.

Best, Daniel

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