[MEI-L] Annotations visible on the music and arbitrary segmentation

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Hi all,

I was also one of the participants of the discussion on the MEI mensural list and very happy to see this topic is getting solved. I'm also sorry for popping into this discussion here that late, but I didn't have a computer in reach within the last days and feel now a little bit overwhelmed, also my inbox does right now.
On that point, I try to summarize the results and add some of my remarks, I wanted to.

- 1: Lyrics -
The revision of the content of <lyrics>, which is done in the development version as far as is see, uses line groups and lines for the organization; also <syl> is allowed within, but not mixing plain text and <syl>. Also, the use of @startid, @endid, and @plist should be allowed within <l> and the introduction of <seg> for grouping was mentioned.
Am I right with that?

I was also one of those persons struggling with the text handling of mensural sources and this approach seems very useful to me. There is only one thing, I want to ask, just to get a clear idea. <l> is meant to be used for a line of a poem or also for a visible line of text below a staff? It would be good to know because in the case of my attached example those two different understandings of <l> would lead to different encodings. If <l> is meant as a poetic line, I could divide each chunk of text with line, and the two lines sung on that repeated part of music would be attached to the same part of music:
		<l startid="#nA" endid="#nB">Sub cuius patula coma</l>
		<l startid="#nA" endid="#nB">& phebi lira blandius</l>
		<l startid="#nC" endid="#nD">& vox blandius insonat</l>
In that case, is it possible to give the information of two underlying lines of lyrics below a chunk of music?
If <l> is meant to represent a visual line of underlying lyrics, the encoding would need to look like that, as it seems to me:
		<l n="1">
			<seg startid="#nA" endid="#nB">Sub cuius patula coma</seg>
			<seg startid="#nC" endid="#nD">& vox blandius insonat</seg>
		<l n="2">
			<seg startid="#nA" endid="#nB">">& phebi lira blandius</seg>
In that case, the encoding seems logically very confusing to me, but the visual organization of the lyrics is given. So, for giving me a better understanding I would welcome a clarification on that issue. And I can also be sure that one of my examples is now able to encoded properly.

- 2: control events -
Also, control events, e.g. <dir>, are meant to be put directly into <staff> and not anymore within <layer> in mensural notation?
But, where should <lyrics> be put in, still within <layer>? I'm just asking because in cmn it is also one of those elements to be put directly into <measure>.

- 3: non-sung text -
I also want to come back on the topic of non-sung text. Unlike Don I'm not thinking about visible annotations by the encoder, instead I'm thinking about text directives within the source itself. My second example is in my opinion a problematic one because I'm not sure how to solve I right now.
Because it is meant as the directive, that the Tenor voice should keep silent, I would encode it as "<dir>Tenor Laurus tacet.</dir>".
My problem is, that <dir> needs to have a pointing attribute to be valid. In cmn I would use @tstamp="0" to point at the left barline, but within mensural music only @startid and @endid are valid pointing attributes. But on what should I point in that case? While I try to explain the problem, my only idea would be like that:
		<space xml:id="space-0" />
	<dir startid="#space-0" endid="#space-0">Tenor Laurus tacet.</dir>
Is that solution appropriate? I would welcome any comments and suggestions.

Again, I have to apologize for answering that late and arguing about things which seemed to be solved already. It seems to me, that discussion was spread on a lot of places, MEI mensural list, github and Verovio, and about a lot of related issues, what makes me feeling in need of a clear summarization.
Another short question: When are the changes already made in the development version planned to be released in a stable version?

Best wishes,

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I've just been looking at some music with (mostly) Western notation and Arabic lyrics.  I don't know if it's typical, but the song at http://www.classicalarabicmusic.com/Added%20Music%20Notations/Popular%20Traditional%20-1/asl_elgharam.html provides the notation first, followed by the lyrics.  This is precisely the situation that the lyrics/lg/l construct was designed for.  Association of each syllable with the note that it starts on via @synch is sufficient for rendition of the lyrics and notation together. 


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