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Roland, Perry D. (pdr4h) pdr4h at eservices.virginia.edu
Fri Feb 3 19:58:31 CET 2017

Hello everyone,

When I first began working on MEI, one of my goals was to bring together people who shared an interest in data modeling and music representation to share ideas and maybe a few beers.  Now that it has come to fruition, I remain impressed by the knowledge, passion, and compassion shown by everyone in this community.  I firmly believe it's the *community* that binds us and keeps us striving toward a common goal.  With that in mind, I want to recognize everyone involved in the recent election.
Congratulations to the re-elected Board members, Eleanor and Johannes and to the Board's newest member, Andrew.  All three have been involved in the development of MEI almost since its inception.  I'm pleased to count all three as colleagues and friends and I look forward to continuing to work together.
Of course, Axel is my colleague and friend too, I am proud to say.  Thanks, Axel, for MerMEId, for your contributions to the Board, and for often setting me straight on metadata issues.  You weren't elected to the Board this time, but I hope that your tenure was fun and that you'll remain involved in MEI.  I hope to attend the Music Encoding Conference in Copenhagen in the not-too-distant future.
Thanks also to the other candidates who were not elected.  The qualifications of each candidate was very impressive.  There wasn't a single person on the list who wouldn't have been a fine addition to the Board.  Even though you weren't chosen, I believe your *willingness to serve* is commendable in itself.  I hope you aren't dispirited in any way and that you'll consider running for the Board again in the future.
An election is no small undertaking, so we owe Benni a debt of gratitude for his work preparing for and overseeing the election process.
Finally, I want to thank all those who voted.  Your participation in the community is sincerely appreciated.

Best wishes,


Perry Roland
Metadata Librarian for Research and Scholarship
University of Virginia
P. O. Box 400874
Charlottesville, VA 22904
434-982-2702 (w)
pdr4h (at) virginia (dot) edu

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