[MEI-L] Problems encoding CMN

Daniel Alles DanielAlles at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Jan 26 22:40:42 CET 2017

New day, new questions - I hope this will get better soon...

Dear all,

is there a possibility to encode an accidental in brackets (if  
possible above the staff)? I use them in my transcription of mensural  
notation to indicate where I think might be missing one but should be  
there. The Guidelines only mention "regular" accidentals (without  

How can I use brackets (in CMN) above the staff to indicate a ligature  
in the MN-source? And what about coloration in the source? For that I  
normaly use half brackets (see attached PDF). How can I encode  
something similar?

I hope, someone can help me with that.

Best regards,
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