[MEI-L] Sample encoding of mensural notation

Andrew Hankinson andrew.hankinson at mail.mcgill.ca
Sun Jan 15 14:22:51 CET 2017

Can you send along a sample of your encoding? We can help you better if we can see what you did.


> On Jan 14, 2017, at 10:29 PM, Daniel Alles <DanielAlles at stud.uni-frankfurt.de> wrote:
> Hi Martha and all the others,
> thank you very much for your replies, they helped me very much in understanding the encoding of MN. Especially Martha's hint to the Verovio-website was very useful (although I don't understand completely "coloration including augmentation/imperfectino", but that's Ok for the moment). A thing that confuses me a lot is the displaying of the Verovio-MEI-viewer: I have the impression, that it doesn't align the corect "beats" vertically; I already recognized this when rendering my attempt. Is that right? How can I fix that?
> Best regard,
> Daniel
> Zitat von Martha Thomae <thomaemartha at gmail.com>:
>> Hi Daniel
>> Perry is right, the JRP only contains modern transcription of mensural
>> music.
>> I am currently working with Mensural MEI files, and something I found
>> really useful is an example of a Mensural MEI file in the Verovio webpage
>> at this particular address: *http://www.verovio.org/features.xhtml?id=mensural
>> <http://www.verovio.org/features.xhtml?id=mensural>*
>> You can download the whole file (it is larger than the short excerpt shown
>> there). It includes everything one needs know, you can see how they encoded
>> imperfections, alterations, dots and their effect in the note (augmentation
>> or division), changes in mensuration, etc. It also includes coloration, but
>> I think there is no agreement between the Mensural MEI community in how to
>> encode this particular feature (although I think the way it is encoded in
>> this example from the Verovio webpage is really good).
>> Hope this helps,
>> Martha
>> Martha E. Thomae
>> DDMAL Lab,
>> Music Technology
>> McGill University
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