[MEI-L] Sample encoding of mensural notation

Daniel Alles DanielAlles at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Sat Jan 14 23:29:38 CET 2017

Hi Martha and all the others,

thank you very much for your replies, they helped me very much in  
understanding the encoding of MN. Especially Martha's hint to the  
Verovio-website was very useful (although I don't understand  
completely "coloration including augmentation/imperfectino", but  
that's Ok for the moment). A thing that confuses me a lot is the  
displaying of the Verovio-MEI-viewer: I have the impression, that it  
doesn't align the corect "beats" vertically; I already recognized this  
when rendering my attempt. Is that right? How can I fix that?

Best regard,

Zitat von Martha Thomae <thomaemartha at gmail.com>:

> Hi Daniel
> Perry is right, the JRP only contains modern transcription of mensural
> music.
> I am currently working with Mensural MEI files, and something I found
> really useful is an example of a Mensural MEI file in the Verovio webpage
> at this particular address:  
> *http://www.verovio.org/features.xhtml?id=mensural
> <http://www.verovio.org/features.xhtml?id=mensural>*
> You can download the whole file (it is larger than the short excerpt shown
> there). It includes everything one needs know, you can see how they encoded
> imperfections, alterations, dots and their effect in the note (augmentation
> or division), changes in mensuration, etc. It also includes coloration, but
> I think there is no agreement between the Mensural MEI community in how to
> encode this particular feature (although I think the way it is encoded in
> this example from the Verovio webpage is really good).
> Hope this helps,
> Martha
> Martha E. Thomae
> DDMAL Lab,
> Music Technology
> McGill University

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