[MEI-L] Problems with transforming to 3.0.0

Jonas Mortensen jonm at kb.dk
Wed Nov 9 17:55:24 CET 2016

Hello List!

My name is Jonas Mortensen and recently started as a student assistant at the Danish Centre for Music Editing who are working on the MerMEId project.

I am fairly new to this world of XML schemas, XSLT as well as MEI so bare with me if my descriptive capabilities on the subject are lacking.

I am currently working on readying MerMEId for MEI 3.0.0 and have stumbled in to some problems when transforming MEI 2.1.0 files using the mei21To30.xsl file on Github.
I have discovered the following bugs:

·         The <acqSource> element is not part of 3.0.0 but is not removed in the transformation

·         The <notesStmt> element now requires an <annot> element but is not removed in the transformation if it is empty

·         The <p> element under <event> should now translate to a <desc> element (as far as I understood) but instead it is transformed to a <label> element that surrounds all other event-elements (geogName, persName etc.) see example in P.S

I'm glad to be part of the community and I look forward to hopefully many coming discussions!

Regards Jonas

Example of the 'third-point' bug
   <label>First performance.<date isodate=" 1930-04-11" xml:id="date_39a147c2"> 1930-04-11</date>
      <geogName role="venue" xml:id="geogName_199N20139">Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket</geogName>
      <geogName role="place" xml:id="geogName_199N2013D">Copenhagen</geogName>
      <corpName role="ensemble" xml:id="corpName_199N20141">Palestrina-Koret</corpName>
      <persName role="conductor" xml:id="persName_199N20145">Mogens Wöldike</persName>


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