[MEI-L] Associating MEI <facsimile> with an image manifest, not an image itself

Michael Ryan Bannon ryan.bannon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 18:47:47 CEST 2016

Hello MEI-ers,

I've been going over the MEI guidelines to find the best way of associating
an external image manifest with an MEI <facsimile>, but I haven't had much
luck. In particular, I'm dealing with images hosted on an IIIF server. So,
I wouldn't necessarily have a URL to the image. Rather, I would have:

- URL to an IIIF manifest
- indices of pages in the manifest

I'm guessing the best solution is to have a <ref> element in my <meiHead>
somewhere, then point to that <ref> from the <facsimile> element? (That's
my best guess as I can't see how <facsimile> could contain the IIIF
manifest URL or page indices, unless I'm missing something.)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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