[MEI-L] Annual report of the MEI Metadata and Cataloging Interest Group 2015/16

Axel Teich Geertinger atge at kb.dk
Wed Jun 29 15:53:59 CEST 2016

Dear list,

At the MEC In Montreal the MEI Board agreed that it would be a good idea to post annual reports from the interest groups to MEI-L in order to inform the community about the groups' activities, so here is a brief report from the metadata IG.

The IG was founded in Florence in May 2015. It currently has 26 members, that is, subscribers to the list mei-catalog-ig at lists.uni-paderborn.de. Activity on the list has been rather low during its first year; a few schema changes concerning <event>, <extent>, <physLoc> and <provenance> have been discussed on the list and are now implemented in the new MEI schema (3.0.0).

At the IG's founding meeting it was decided to write a document discussing some of the concepts and approaches for using MEI for catalogs. The document is mainly aiming at projects in the planning phase considering and comparing various encoding systems and workflows. It may supplement or at some point even become part of the MEI Guidelines, but the main intention is to give an overview of some considerations and choices to make before basing a catalog on MEI. We aim at being able to present it to the community next year.

The group held its annual meeting in connection with the MEC 2016 in Montreal. On that occasion Irmlind Capelle and Kristina Richts gave a presentation of the Detmold Court Theatre Project (http://www.hoftheater-detmold.de<http://www.hoftheater-detmold.de/>). The project aims at providing a multifaceted view of this particular institution through a rich collection of TEI- and MEI-encoded documents and other data. The encoded documents not only include performance material encoded at metadata level but also a variety of text documents such as programs, cast lists and other archival material.
To provide information on the many - also lesser known - persons mentioned, a local authority file is created during the project; at the end of the project, these authority data will also be submitted to public authority files such as GND and VIAF.

Axel Geertinger presented some of the new features implemented in the MerMEId metadata editor since last year. These included improved customizability (of the xsl and css used for the HTML output, for instance), linking to authority files, incipit rendering with Verovio, and outputting all or multiple documents as a single document for printing.
Finally we discussed a few potential proposals for schema changes. These will have to be discussed on the IG's mailing list, of course.

If you are interested in participating in the group or just want to follow our discussions, please do subscribe to the list:  http://lists.uni-paderborn.de/mailman/listinfo/mei-catalog-ig

Best wishes,
Kristina and Axel
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