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Hi Andrew,


some months ago I was looking for XML editors with schema-based auto-completion and Oxygen is the only one I know with RNG support. Some others, as Rinzo, the TextGrid Lab and the XML Tools Plugin for Notepad++ support only auto-completion based on XSD.

And, okay… because C# is the programming language I’m using most, I don’t know how good the RelaxNG support in other frameworks is, but the .net framework provides native support of XML schema without any external libraries.


I have to admit that I am a little bit surprised of your question. Apart from the “digital humanities community” I don’t know any person working with XML data that are aware of RelaxNG, they’re all using XML schema. Hm, I feel a little bit confused right now.

Maybe in this situation I would feel fine if you just wait for other feedback.





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Hi Anna,


I'm curious to know which tools are in use that don't support RelaxNG -- is there a quick example you can share?




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Hello Perry,


I would appreciate compatibility with XML Schema just because of the widespread support. Many more Editors and Frameworks natively support XML processing with automated validation against an XSD file. I experimented sometimes with a converted RNG file but there occurred false validation errors.

So, I would be very happy about compatibility but I see your point either. If I am the only one wishing for it, this topic would seem rather unimportant to me…





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Hello all,


The current content model of <provenance> uses a neat RNG trick that allows either an <eventList> or a text phrase.  No other schema language allows this kind of thing, so conversion of the RNG to an XSD or DTD form won't work.  Is there a need to maintain compatibility with XML Schema or DTDs?





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