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Hello crews,

> Hello all,
> The current content model of <provenance> uses a neat RNG trick that
> allows either an <eventList> or a text phrase.  No other schema language
> allows this kind of thing, so conversion of the RNG to an XSD or DTD form
> won't work.  Is there a need to maintain compatibility with XML Schema or
> DTDs?
Our project - Audiveris optical music recognition system (www.audiveris.org)
- is currently working on adding a support for MEI. Because Audiveris has
been programmed in Java, it depends on the native JDK tool - xjc - for
parsing XML schemata. Although xjc has an experimental support for RelaxNG,
it currently doesn't work properly so it's unusable in our case.

We therefore need to convert MEI RelaxNG schema to XSD by using a
third-party converter first, then write a customization file that helps xjc
to resolve several conflicts in the resulted MEI schema in order to make it
usable by JAXB.

Therefore I vote for maintaining compatibility to XSD because I don't know
how to make RelaxNG to work in Java without the conversion to XSD.

Best regards
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