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Lieber Hansjörg,
ich weiß nicht, ob Du Dich im Moment noch mit Fragen digitaler Edition beschäftigst; dieser Link könnte aber unter Umständen für Dich interessant sein.
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 Betreff: [MEI-L] Sibelius to MEI 2.0 Beta
Hi everyone,
I've been putting the finishing touches on a rewrite of the Sibelius to MEI plugin. Today, I'm sending around a preview release of it, to help me shake out any remaining bugs or missing features. So, if you use it or would like to use it, here's your chance to get your favourite feature in!
You can download the files here:
Please read the release notes for any 'gotchas.' It's important to note that I'm aiming to support the upcoming MEI 3.0.0 release. 
For those who are interested, here is a list of some of the changes that are in this release.
 - Switched to using the `plgToMSS` framework by Tido (Thanks Zoltan & crew, you're awesome!)
 - Re-organized the code base so that it wasn't just one big loop that did everything
 - Also switched to using the `sib-test` plugin and wrote lots of unit tests (again, Tido: thanks!)
 - Visible/invisible accidentals are more reliably determined
 - Placement of 'spanners' (ties, slurs, cresc., decresc., etc.) are now fairly reliably attached to their note objects
 - Support for many new symbols

If you notice any problems, please open an issue on the GitHub page. I think you can also attach .mei and .sib files, which would both be helpful for me tracking down problems.

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