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Dear list

I have a couple of questions related to the recent discussion about the model for describing instrumentations in <perfMedium>. Sometimes I need to add more detailed information to an instrument's name, such as transposition or tuning. I simply write this information into <instrVoice>, like

<instrVoice>Clarinet (A)</instrVoice>
<instrVoice>Timpani (C, G)</instrVoice>

Of course I can add more complex information too: the settings for a prepared piano or electronic instruments; scordatura; or even organ registrations (if they remain the same throughout the piece).
My first question is: Is it acceptable to have a rather detailed text within <instrVoice> (or <perfRes>, if we decide to rename it), or should we have some other place for a detailed description of settings/tunings/transpositions?

My other question is: how would this kind of information be encoded in the score? I know about the transposition attributes on <staffDef>, of course; the timpani case is trivial too. But I wouldn't know how to encode things like organ registrations, scordatura, electronic instruments settings within <music>. Plain text? Or are there some special element for instrument settings?
I could also put it this way: Are these settings simply to be regarded as playing techniques like pizzicato or col legno (which I don't know how to encode either, however...)?



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