[MEI-L] Beat in 6/8

Laurent Pugin lxpugin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 08:22:48 CEST 2015


I am looking at beat repeats (<beatRpt>) and I am not sure how to deal with
them in 6/8 (or 9/8, etc). Defining the beat in 6/8 is a recurrent issue.
Looking at timestamps, it seems that each 8th has to be considered as a
beat. But in the beatRpt examples in the guidelines it seems that a 4.th is
considered as a beat.

Considering that the number of slashes have to be encoded in the @rend
attribute, rendering the beat repeats properly is not that much of an issue
because we could just ignore the beat duration and just display the dashes.
(Only rendering repeats of mixed duration values would be an issue since it
is not clear how this has to be encoded.) However, this would not work if
we need to align them with other voices, for example. Any recommendation on
this particular issue (<beatRpt>) and on how to consider beats in 6/8 in

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