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Urs Liska ul at openlilylib.org
Tue Jun 9 16:33:10 CEST 2015

Dear MEI community,

maybe it could be considered inappropriate, but I think it *is* in a way 
related, as both topics this post is about have been part of my 
presentation and discussions in Florence.

Few of you will have heard of "Das trunkne Lied" by Oskar Fried. It's an 
important late-romantic piece which triggered a number of important 
developments  for LilyPond's ecosystem. And now it's (in a way) out!

"Das junge Orchester NRW" (http://djo-nrw.de), the orchestra that 
commissioned new performance material for the piece, has now done two 
performances, and one of them will be broadcast by Deutschlandradio 
Kultur in the upcoming week.

Producing this performance material was our proof-of-concept project to 
explore "crowd engraving" a.k.a. collaborative edition workflows using 
LilyPond, GitLab and our own task management web app. This was the 
project where the "grid" approach was developed for that I talked about 
in Florence.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10, 20.03-21.30 (CEST) Deutschlandradio Kultur 
dedicates its evening program to Oskar Fried. There will be at first the 
broadcast of "Das trunkne Lied" (approx. 35 minutes), and the rest of 
the programme will be a presentation of the production of Oskar Fried's 
piano songs which I had the honor to do a few years ago. This production 
also had some significant consequences for LilyPond.

Deutschlandradio can be streamed online from its homepage http://dradio.de.
Detail page of the event is at
and there's a link to do a pre-scheduled recording with a Win/Mac tool.

Best wishes
Urs Liska


Urs Liska

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