[MEI-L] Verovio update

Laurent Pugin lxpugin at gmail.com
Sat May 16 11:03:25 CEST 2015

Hello everyone,

One year after the first presentation of Verovio at the MEC last year in
Charlottesville, I would like to give you an update on the progress made
this year.

Several features have been added. Some notable ones include:
- Chords (thanks to the work of Andrew Horwitz)
- Critical apparatus, including nested apparati
- Lyrics, including multi-line lyrics and connectors

The work-in-progress on other features (cross-staff notation, mensural
notation alignment, etc.) can be seen on the features page.

The MEI viewer was updated to a version that shows how Verovio can be used
in a more responsive environment. In this new viewer, the layout of the
music is adjusted to the screen size. The best performance is with Firefox.

Verovio is now SMuFL compliant. It includes its own font (Leipzig) but can
also use the Bravura (Steinberg) or the Gootville (Musescore) fonts. Other
fonts can easily be used.

Behind the scenes: many improvements have been made to the Verovio
codebase. They include the use of LibMEI for generating some of the code
and the improvement of the SVG output structure. These two modifications
make Verovio even closer to MEI. There is also a new Python binding for
using it in scripting environments.

We are aiming for release version 1.0 in the near future. It will include
support for MEI timestamp events (for hairpin, dynamics, etc), basic
articulations and improved slur positioning, which has not yet been taken
care of.

Looking forward to seeing some of you next week in Florence,
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