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Digital Musicology

Applied computational and informatics methods for enhancing musicology

Dates: 20--24 July 2015


Registration: http://dhoxss.humanities.ox.ac.uk/2015/registration.html
until 29 June 2015.

A wealth of music and music-related information is now available
digitally, offering tantalizing possibilities for digital
musicologies. These resources include large collections of audio and
scores, bibliographic and biographic data, and performance ephemera --
not to mention the 'hidden' existence of these in other digital
content. With such large and wide ranging opportunities come new
challenges in methods, principally in adapting technological solutions
to assist musicologists in identifying, studying, and disseminating
scholarly insights from amongst this 'data deluge'.

This workshop provides an introduction to computational and
informatics methods that can be, and have been, successfully applied
to musicology. Many of these techniques have their foundations in
computer science, library and information science, mathematics and
most recently Music Information Retrieval (MIR); sessions are
delivered by expert practitioners from these fields and presented in
the context of their collaborations with musicologists, and by
musicologists relating their experiences of these multidisciplinary

The workshop comprises of a series of lectures and hands-on sessions,
supplemented with reports from musicology research
exemplars. Theoretical lectures are paired with practical sessions in
which attendees are guided through their own exploration of the topics
and tools covered. Laptops will be loaned to attendees with the
appropriate specialised software installed and preconfigured.

The workshop is part of the Digital Humanities @ Oxford annual Summer
School. As well as the workshop programme there are numerous events in
the Summer School including keynote lectures and evening social

Summer School site: http://dhoxss.humanities.ox.ac.uk/2015/

Contact: events at it.ox.ac.uk
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