[MEI-L] cross-staff beams sample encoding

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Thanks, Zoltan for catching the error.  I’ll see that it gets fixed as soon as possible.

Craig’s approach is one I support.

We’re working on a new version of the web site that I hope will provide more clarity.


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Hi Zoltán,

1. note with xml:id="m1e1" encoded a dotted 8th note, but I found this more than a little confusing: the information that there is a triplet containing one 16th-rest and two 16th-note seems to have been lost. Additionally, the sum of the total duration in the layer adds up to more than the measure duration defined by the time signature.

I would say that the rest is supposed to be a triplet 16th note, so there is a data error.

3. The first note on staff 2/layer 1 is the dotted g, which is rhythmically at the 2nd 16th triplet position. I understand that this can be derived from the fact that this note is "sameas" the 2nd note of the displaced triplet on the first staff, but it strikes me that this leaves the layer "incomplete"; I would expect a <space> to fill up the time before the first note; I think the following encoding would clearer:
Or do you think this is already too interpretative (interpreting the dotted 8th note as part of a sixtuplet over the entire measure, that is)?

I would expect that the second layer of the bottom staff to have a duration of one quarter note.   I have typeset this prelude in SCORE, and I give all layers on both staves the complete duration of one quarter note per measure, filling in empty spot with an invisible triplet sixteenth-note rest (i.e., I do it as you expect). Likewise for the top layer of the top staff.  I would disapprove of not using a space element before the G3. Each layer should sum up to the same duration, or at worst drop/add duration only at the end of the measure (although I would also disapprove of that).

Here is the first system of the music, and the four encoding layers split out onto separate staves below it:

[cid:image001.png at 01D06ACB.5CD431E0]
(Cross-staff beaming in m5 & 6 for the top layer on the bottom staff).

Full score:


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