[MEI-L] cross-staff beams sample encoding

Craig Sapp craigsapp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 02:53:45 CEST 2015

Hi Zoltán,

> 1. note with xml:id="m1e1" encoded a dotted 8th note, but I found this
> more than a little confusing: the information that there is a triplet
> containing one 16th-rest and two 16th-note seems to have been lost.
> Additionally, the sum of the total duration in the layer adds up to more
> than the measure duration defined by the time signature.

I would say that the rest is supposed to be a triplet 16th note, so there
is a data error.

3. The first note on staff 2/layer 1 is the dotted g, which is rhythmically
> at the 2nd 16th triplet position. I understand that this can be derived
> from the fact that this note is "sameas" the 2nd note of the displaced
> triplet on the first staff, but it strikes me that this leaves the layer
> "incomplete"; I would expect a <space> to fill up the time before the first
> note; I think the following encoding would clearer:
> Or do you think this is already too interpretative (interpreting the
> dotted 8th note as part of a sixtuplet over the entire measure, that is)?

I would expect that the second layer of the bottom staff to have a duration
of one quarter note.   I have typeset this prelude in SCORE, and I give all
layers on both staves the complete duration of one quarter note per
measure, filling in empty spot with an invisible triplet sixteenth-note
rest (i.e., I do it as you expect). Likewise for the top layer of the top
staff.  I would disapprove of not using a space element before the G3. Each
layer should sum up to the same duration, or at worst drop/add duration
only at the end of the measure (although I would also disapprove of that).

Here is the first system of the music, and the four encoding layers split
out onto separate staves below it:

(Cross-staff beaming in m5 & 6 for the top layer on the bottom staff).

Full score:


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