[MEI-L] Cataloging with MEI: Workshop and Interest Group

Axel Teich Geertinger atge at kb.dk
Fri Feb 13 14:10:55 CET 2015

Dear colleagues,
over the last few years, MEI has been adopted for cataloging purposes in a variety of contexts, including libraries, catalog projects and editorial projects.
One of the most important assets of MEI is its flexibility, which allows room for custom solutions, tailored to project-specific requirements. But as this flexibility may also cause long-term problems with regard to interoperability of data, we believe it makes sense to establish an interest group for cataloging with MEI where special requirements in dealing with MEI metadata could be brought up to discussion.
An initial meeting is scheduled as one-day workshop for 21 May 2015, the unconference day of this year’s Music Encoding Conference. At the workshop we intend to analyze and discuss different data models, identify varying cataloging practices and to start working on a shared core model as well as best practice recommendations. Against this background the workshop is primarily addressed to people already working in the field, willing to share their expertise and identify potential for collaboration. It is also open to the public, but please note that a tutorial into MEI metadata won’t be offered.
We would be very happy about short presentations of existing tools and use cases involving MEI metadata and kindly ask you to inform us (Kristina Richts, krichts at mail.uni-paderborn.de<mailto:krichts at mail.uni-paderborn.de>; or Axel Geertinger, atge at kb.dk<mailto:atge at kb.dk>) in the run-up to the workshop if you would like to present something. Please note, however, that the main focus will be on informal, open discussions rather than presentations.
At the end of the workshop we hope to take the first steps towards forming a Cataloging Interest Group according to the new MEI by-laws (see excerpt below).
Looking forward to seeing you all in Florence we send our kind regards,
Kristina Richts and Axel Teich Geertinger

Quoted from the MEI by-laws:
8 Interest Groups

An Interest Group (henceforth ‘IG’) is composed of any number of members of the MEI community with an interest in a certain music encoding topic or problem. The topic of interest should be reflected in the group’s name. Individual membership in multiple groups is allowed.

In order to form a new IG, a proposal shall be made to the Board, containing the group’s name, goals, and a list of founding members. The Board is responsible for reviewing the application in a timely fashion and granting or withholding official recognition to the new group.

Each interest group must:

●     select an administrative chair

●     produce regular activity reports
(annual reports due 1 month prior to the annual Board meeting)

A single person may not be administrative chair of multiple IGs. The IG’s administrative chair takes responsibility for acting as contact person for the IG, ensuring regular activity, submitting reports to the Board, and organizing the group’s work, e.g. calling for meetings and coordinating development efforts.

Each IG will be self-organizing; that is, there will be no formal regulations on how any other responsibilities are to be divided amongst its members. In addition, the IG may establish decision-making processes as necessary; however, it should rely on consensus rather than majority rule whenever possible.

8.1 Interest Group privileges
All Interest Groups will be listed on the MEI-website and are eligible to other benefits as the Board may determine from time to time.

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