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Laurent Pugin lxpugin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 18:08:27 CET 2015

Dear all,

During the first online meeting of the newly elected MEI board, Perry and I
were appointed co-chairs of the MEI technical team. We are both very much
looking forward to these new roles and to working with all those who have
contributed to MEI development in the past and those who would like to be
involved in its future.

As in the past, and according to the recently approved by-laws, the
technical team gathers people willing to contribute to the development of
the MEI schema, Guidelines, and associated software with no election
requirement. Despite the name of the team, specific technical knowledge is
not required for participation and no one should feel excluded, even those
who don't write computer programs. Many aspects have to be considered in
the development of MEI and a wide range of expertise is highly desirable.
Our initial tasks will include organization of the technical team itself
and workflows for continued development. If you are interested in
participating in these discussions and contributing to MEI development,
please contact one of us (Laurent at lxpugin at gmail.com or Perry at
pdr4h at virginia.edu).

Plans are already underway for a new version of MEI to be released sometime
after the conference in Florence. In order to demonstrate solutions to
issues already raised and serve as a springboard for additional discussion,
an ODD customization is being prepared, which we hope to make available
before the conference.

In addition to online discussions, we think that it would be a good idea to
hold at least two meetings a year, for example a face-to-face meeting in
conjunction with the conference in May and a virtual meeting in the Fall.
In keeping with this plan, we will hold our first meeting during the
conference in Florence, most likely during the un-conference day on
Thursday, May 21st.

Looking forward to your participation,

Laurent and Perry
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