[MEI-L] New music21 Release Supports MEI!

Christopher Antila christopher at antila.ca
Mon Jan 12 20:20:46 CET 2015

Dear MEI-List Members:

With the release of music21 version 2.0, the renowned Python toolkit for
musicology is now capable of importing MEI files! For this initial
release, we focussed on implementing the features required for CMN
scores, though we hope to expand this in the future. To learn whether
your favourite elements and attributes are supported, you may consult
the music21.mei module documentation directly:


Also note that music21 2.0 incorporates significant improvements in
other areas too. For a longer discussion of new capabilities, refer to
the release announcement:


While the module was primarily written by me, I would like to show my
appreciation for the advice and wisdom of Andrew Hankinson, Ichiro
Fujinaga, Myke Cuthbert, and the MEI-List itself. Funding for this
project was provided by Canada's SSHRC as part of the SIMSSA grant
(refer to http://simssa.ca for more information).

You may send questions, comments, bug reports, and feature requests to
me, Andrew Hankinson, the MEI-L, or the music21 list.

Thank you,
Christopher Antila

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