[MEI-L] Digital Musicology and Music Information Retrieval: a very short questionnaire

Frans Wiering F.Wiering at uu.nl
Mon Dec 23 10:50:08 CET 2013

Dear all,

A couple of weeks ago I posted a short questionnaire about Digital 
Musicology and Music Information Retrieval at http://bit.ly/1kFRkGB. The 
aim is to discover what the current needs, technical or otherwise, in 
(Digital) musicology are. How could these be translated into MIR 
research challenges that we could hope to see solutions for in the next 
few ISMIRs?

I have already received quite a few very interesting replies, but as 
always in data-driven research, more is better. So please use a few 
minutes of your Christmas holiday to think about these questions and 
fill out the questionnaire. Your answers will help me to formulate a 
number of musicological 'Grand Challenges' to MIR.

Many thanks
Frans Wiering
Chair of the IMS Study Group on Digital Musicology
dr. Frans Wiering
e-mail: F.Wiering at uu.nl
Utrecht University
Department of Information and Computing Sciences (ICS)
Buys Ballot Building, office 482
Princetonplein 5, De Uithof
PO Box 80.089
NL-3508 TB Utrecht
tel: +31-30-2536335
www: http://www.uu.nl/medewerkers/FWiering

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