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Sigfrid Lundberg slu at kb.dk
Wed Oct 30 21:45:02 CET 2013

Hi Laurent,

Interesting with your svg translator!

Layers were the way to encode parallell events that worked with mei2mup. Since there aren't multiple voices in the target staff I didn't use that. However, the only justification I have is that it works.



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Laurent Pugin <laurent at music.mcgill.ca> skrev:
Hi Sigfrid,

I am currently working on packing a command-line tool for converted (some) MEI to SVG. It might be interesting for you, I'll keep you posted on this.

Two questions regarding the encoding of the example at measure 9:
1) Why do you encode the two first rests in a separate layer?
2) On the second staff, for the cross-staff notes where you use an @staff="1", don't we need also a @layer with this?


On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 1:26 PM, Sigfrid Lundberg <slu at kb.dk<mailto:slu at kb.dk>> wrote:
Hi all of you,

I've been working on a project which involves automatic generation of scores from an eXist native XML database containing musical segments. I've coded a MEI generator in the XQuery language, and the result is then translated into mup and from there to either PDF or MIDI. I'm working in MEI 2010-05 but are looking for a way forward to more modern MEI and higher quality PDF or even better SVG.

Please find generated xml, pdf and midi attached (if it survives the listserv, they are miniscule and shouldn't hur bandwidth)

Suggestions. Should I go for MEI 2013, and I suppose Lilypond? Any other ideas? The system has to run batch server side on a Linux server.

Any opinions?


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