[MEI-L] mup & lilypond et al.

Laurent Pugin laurent at music.mcgill.ca
Wed Oct 30 17:33:36 CET 2013

Hi Sigfrid,

I am currently working on packing a command-line tool for converted (some)
MEI to SVG. It might be interesting for you, I'll keep you posted on this.

Two questions regarding the encoding of the example at measure 9:
1) Why do you encode the two first rests in a separate layer?
2) On the second staff, for the cross-staff notes where you use an
@staff="1", don't we need also a @layer with this?


On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 1:26 PM, Sigfrid Lundberg <slu at kb.dk> wrote:

> Hi all of you,
> I've been working on a project which involves automatic generation of
> scores from an eXist native XML database containing musical segments. I've
> coded a MEI generator in the XQuery language, and the result is then
> translated into mup and from there to either PDF or MIDI. I'm working in
> MEI 2010-05 but are looking for a way forward to more modern MEI and higher
> quality PDF or even better SVG.
> Please find generated xml, pdf and midi attached (if it survives the
> listserv, they are miniscule and shouldn't hur bandwidth)
> Suggestions. Should I go for MEI 2013, and I suppose Lilypond? Any other
> ideas? The system has to run batch server side on a Linux server.
> Any opinions?
> Sigfrid
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