[MEI-L] Conventional encoding of suggested accidentals (ficta)?

Peter Stadler stadler at edirom.de
Mon Jun 24 15:51:03 CEST 2013

Hi Perry,

thanks for the clarification!

> I agree that the one sentence definition of <supplied> is somewhat misleading.  But, in section 11.4.1 "Omissions, Unclear Readings, Damage, and Supplied Readings", the MEI Guidelines provide a little more, well, guidance -- 
> "Sometimes the editor provides information not present in the source material. These conjectures or emendations are marked up in MEI using the <supplied> element."
> Would re-wording this sentence help clear up confusion?
Admittedly I only looked at the short description. The wording in section 11.4.1 makes it very clear by adding this "not present in the source material". So I'd propose to add (supply?!) this information to the the element description as well. Shall I file a feature request?


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