[MEI-L] Encoding ligature and coloration brackets

TW zupftom at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 19 19:50:48 CEST 2013

In my eyes, the choice between <ligature>, <annot> and <line> or
<symbol> depends on two things:  Whether and how you generate the
graphics from the encoded MEI and what is the "philosophy" of your

I understand that your encoding process is also a transcription
process of mensural notation into CMN.  It appears that you therefore
need the CMN structures and can not use the mensural module.  Given
that, I see that you can move between two encoding "extremes":  Either
making an encoding that aims at describing the graphical elements
which should be put on the page when visualizing, or an encoding that
does not yet focus too much on presentation but is meant to capture
what the original notation "means in modern terms", capturing
additional information that is worth carrying over--but can not be
represented in CMN--in abstract, meaningful structures.

In my eyes, the latter approach makes more sense.  It is, so to say,
more flexible, as the first approach already decides rather precisely
how to visualize the music, while the latter is more content-oriented
and leaves open how to visualize non-CMN features.  Who knows, there
might be other wishes for visualization in the future.

But from a pragmatic point of view, the best solution might be the one
that that makes your life easiest when producing the brackets while
generating the graphics--if you do this from the MEI data.  Are you
using the data for rendering, and if so, what does the process look


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