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Hello Andrew,

Thank you for this information, still very accurate to me, when I’m a beginner with MEI. 


I will certainly take care of it while working to record a Algerian music : probably we will have to note the music with the conventional western notation, even if it is not the real way of composing in North Africa, since it is oral music.  I will follow attentivly all of your further information, from you or other specialist in MEI, and spread it to my fellows algerian and tunisian.


It was, indeed, a pleasure to meet you all in Mainz.

Best regards,


Sylvaine Martin de Guise

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Hi all,

First, it was great to see everyone in Mainz. Thanks for a wonderful conference.

Now, back to the business at hand: I was chatting with someone about the linking and alignment of audio and video files with a  score. What they're interested in is taking multiple recordings and linking them up to a very sparse score representation (measures or even just sections).

Looking at how the <when> and @when system works, it doesn't look like this is currently possible; that is, it's possible to point from a score element to a single point on a timeline, but it's not possible to point from a time point to an element in the score. By using @when on a score-level element (measure, note, etc.) you're "polluting" the score representation with its location in a single timeline, rather than having the ability to, in multiple recordings, refer to the same score-level element at different time points.

I don't think this would be too hard to add so I will volunteer to actually do the coding, but I would first like to hear if anyone has any objections or suggestions.

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