[MEI-L] Future Organization of MEI

Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Mon May 20 00:10:58 CEST 2013

Dear MEI Community,

in the last few years, this community was loosely built around a project jointly funded by NEH and DFG. This project gave access to travel money and helped to organize the community. However, the current project will end later this year, and a follow-up grant hasn't been funded by the two agencies. Therefore, it seems timely to discuss about the future of the organization of MEI. Right now, everything is handled quite informal. This has worked well in the last few years, and is clearly a reason for the success we've seen. However, we see a risk that this current structure may be regarded as intransparent, and could distract other people from getting involved in MEI. To prevent this misunderstanding, and to reach out for a wider community of actives and followers alike, we drafted a proposal for a new, slightly more formal structure of MEI, which you'll find attached to this mail. 

Coming Friday, the current MEI Council, which was established with the help of the DFG/NEH project, will meet during our conference in Mainz. We hope that our proposal will help to guide a discussion about the future of MEI as organization within that group, but we also believe that MEI is a community-driven project. Therefore, we would like to invite you all to share your thoughts about our proposal or alternative approaches. Give us your arguments for the meeting next week, and we make sure they're heard in the discussion both on- and offline. We don't anticipate a final decision by next week, but it would be great to agree on a direction and workflow by then. This is your opportunity to speak up and help shaping MEI for the next years. 

Best regards,
Perry Roland and Johannes Kepper

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