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<abbr> can't occur directly within <layer> and so can't be wrapped around <syllable>.



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Hi Thomas,

That sounds like a good case for <abbr> to me. If you wanted, you could then encode the full passage with <expan>.


On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 5:01 PM, TW <zupftom at googlemail.com<mailto:zupftom at googlemail.com>> wrote:
Dear MEI family,

for Corpus monodicum, we need to encode situations where a scribe
notates only the beginning and sometimes also the end of a chant
section.  Those are kind of cues and the scribe assumes the singer
knows how to continue.  It's really similar to when only the first
words of a refrain are printed between verses.

I think <gap> is the appropriate thing to use, like:


  <gap reason="cue"/>

  <!-- Sometimes we also have this following the gap: -->

(Yes, Corpus monodicum also transcribes a few love songs.)

Any objections to this structure?  For some reason I don't feel 100%
confident that this is what the <gap> element was made for.


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