[MEI-L] Google Summer of Code at MITH

Sagar sagar.chandarana123 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 15:01:16 CEST 2013

Hi Raffaele,

I am Sagar Chandarana, currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in 
Information and Communication Technology and I am a 3rd year student at 
DA-IICT, India.

While I was going through the GSOC list of accepted organizations and 
their ideas page, this particular project seems very interesting and 
even inspiring. It has been 6-7 months I've been learning and playing 
piano and my interests lead me to learn the notations in the sheet 
music. I would love to work on something which is actually a hobby for me.

I've developed several websites for the projects I've done as a part of 
academics. I am familiar with JavaScript and jQuery. Infact they seem 
very easy to me as the degree I am pursuing and the projects I've worked 
on have taught me much more complex languages and algorithms.
I've worked on Android and Adobe Flash, too. To mention, numbaland.com 
is currently hosting the games I made in Flash and I've been working on 
Tecla Android Application, which is a part of KomodoOpenLab and due to 
that, on gitHub I am one of the contributors
International Development Research Centre (IDRC). I will post my 
detailed work experience in the formal application.

For couple of days I've been researching about the 'MEI to VEXFLOW' 
library. My progress and the questions/confusions I face are as follows:

1) MEI1st is a very good tutorial and helped me learn the format very 
quickly. Currently going through the Guidelines to learn advanced 
headers and functionalities. To visualize the score created, I found 
only one tool: MEI Score Editor. Please let me know if any other tool is 
used by the MEI community in general. Moreover, is MEI to Audio possible?
2) I am messing up with Vexflow and the MEI to VEXFlow librarycode in 
order to understand properly.  I'd like to know where should I begin in 
order get deep into the project.
3) Current softwares/tools are mostly compatible with MusicXML and not 
MEI. I can see musicXML to MEI conversion and vice-verse at many places 
on web. How reliable this conversion is?
4) Is there any plugin for 'musescore' software to import and export 
MEI. If there isn't, would it help for my proposal to write such a 
plugin for musescore or any other popular software, so that we can avoid 
MusicXML to MEI conversion, and much more as musescore offers a lot once 
the MEI is imported.

Pardon me if I am asking too many questions but I am more curious as I 
discover the MEI more and more.

Thanking you,
Sagar Chandarana
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