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Fri Apr 12 12:21:53 CEST 2013

Dear Majohannes,

I think grace notes could still explicitly be made part of a beam using the
method you described above, using <beamSpan> and @plist.  (Or is this now
called @members?)
  I think being forced to resort to <beamSpan> is more than justified for
the very rare or even non-existing case of grace-notes that are under the
same beam with normal notes.


2013/4/12 Maja Hartwig <maja.hartwig at gmx.de>

> Dear MEIers,
> while working on a revised version of the MusicXML to MEI stylesheets, we
> noticed a situation that is not absolutely clear in MEI, or that could be
> improved by better documentation. We have an MusicXML file that has beamed
> chords with a leading grace note each. Those grace notes are not part of
> the beam (look at colored sample). While the old converter produces a
> single <beam> element which holds all chords, but also the grace notes
> (beginning with the second). This results in the rendition you see in the
> black&white sample.
> <grace1/>
> <beam>
>         <chord/>
>         <grace2/>
>         <chord/>
>> </beam>
> Of course MEI allows to avoid the beam element and use a beamSpan, which
> connects all chords to a beam from an external point, leaving out the grace
> notes. However, this markup seems slightly more complicated.
> <grace1/>
> <chord1/>
> <grace2/>
> <chord2/>
> <grace3/>
> <chord3/>
>> <beamSpan members="chord1 chord2 chord3"/>
> (everything above is pseudo code, MEI is not working exactly like this)
> While we could simply stick with the beamSpan solution, I wonder if there
> is such thing as a grace note being member of a regular beam at all? Of
> course grace notes may be beamed, but only amongst their kind, correct? If
> this would be the case, we could simply define in the guidelines that grace
> notes do not attach to a beam drawn by a parent beam element. However, this
> solution would mean that there wouldn't be a way to attach it to that beam
> unless we come up with a new solution for that issue. What do you think?
> Have you ever seen a grace note attached to a regular beam? Do you expect
> that there is one out there? Don?
> Best,
> Johannes
> (having captured Maja's machine…)
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